/Are diet sodas really as healthy as what you might think

Are diet sodas really as healthy as what you might think

We all have the idea that if you are trying to live healthily or trying to lose weight that you should rather drink the diet sodas instead of the normal ones. We are taught that it is unhealthy to drink the normal sodas and that the diet sodas are healthier, but this isn’t really the truth. Studies have shown that it doesn’t really matter if you are drinking diet sodas or if you are drinking normal sodas, you are going to gain weight. Here are some reasons why diet sodas aren’t really as healthy as what you might have thought:

Artificial sugars are just as unhealthy

You might think that the normal sugar is unhealthier than artificial sugars. Studies have shown that the artificial sugars can confuse the body and this can lead to the same results than using normal sugar. In some cases, it causes even more harm than with the normal sugars.

So, if you considered drinking diet sodas because they are healthier, you should think again. It isn’t as healthy as what you might have thought. It is so much better to drink water if you are really thirsty.


Studies have shown increase in diabetics 2

You might think that this is the normal sugars that are the risk to diabetics. This isn’t the case at all. With a recent study, it has been shown that those that have diabetics 2 have mostly drink diet sodas. Yes, there are some that have drink lots of normal sodas that also got diabetics 2, but most were because of diet sodas.

There is just something about the artificial sugar that is making the body unhealthy and gives the risk of diabetics 2.

Low sugar cocktail mixer is getting you drunk faster

This might come as a surprise, but did you know that when you are mixing your cocktails or other alcohol with diet sodas that you are going to get drunk a lot faster? This is proven. The sugar in the sodas is preventing you from getting drunk that fast. The moment that you drink your alcohol with diet sodas, you will feel the effect of the alcohol much faster.

You can gain weight with drinking diet sodas

The majority that are drinking diet sodas are drinking it because they want to lose weight. However, this might let you even gain more weight than what it would assist you in losing weight. If you want to lose weight you should make sure that you don’t drink any sodas. This is the safest and best way of keeping your body healthy and make you able to lose weight a lot faster.

Diet sodas. The one substitute that you can drink if you want to be a bit healthier, right? This isn’t really the case if you are looking at recent studies that were done. There are a number of dangers that you will have when you are drinking diet sodas all the time instead of just water. This is something to think about.